Hey guys...i've been running out of ideas lately... so, I am willing to make people short animations with their scripts. I will only make ones that I think are funny and won't take too much work...after i finish a handful of them I will submit them and every writer will have their name in the credits plus their custom made animation :D

any takers PM me!

Hey all! What do you guys think...should I continue with my Learn Your Lesson Series, or take a break and make some sprite animation? I was thinking of a Kingdom Hearts style sprite animation.... but I wouldn't feel like its my original work though... I like my Learn Your Lesson Series but i'm running out of ideas :(

i named the characters The Glub-Glubs...

If anybody has any funny animation ideas, i'd be happy to use my characters to give a shot at it. Nothing too big though, just some short movies. Just PM me!

Hey guys! I am thinking of maybe making a learn your lesson DVD of season one and two. I'll probly find a website that makes them for you and you get like 80% profits. I'm not sure yet but I wanted to know what you guys think of the idea and my series. Sorry to keep you guys waiting, official episode 7 will be released soon, don't worry. give us feedback about what you think about our series.

also, if anyone knows how to make DVD menus, help would be greatly appreciated.

so if you like our series donate to us on paypal via our email party720@aol.com

if you don't like us.....we just don't care anymore


yes.... I tricked you once again! ha!! Ok...heres the thing. I am trying to make some money to buy an xbox 360. So I have put together a portfolio of my work. Check it out.

http://www.cpanimation.com/portfolio/p ortfolio.swf

if you need an animation, website, or game made, come to me i'll try to get you the best price. It will help me get my xbox and you get what you need. if you have any questions please email me at rob@cpanimation.com

if your really nice you can donate to me. my paypal email is party720@aol.com

i want an xbox 360! :) thanks!

$$$need work!! will animate for cash$$$

2007-08-28 21:15:41 by connemaraproductions

hey guys! i've been animating for some time now and am here to ask if anybody would be interested in my services. I can animate a lot of things such as website banners, sigs, custom flash art, movies, etc.

If you are interested please post here or send me a PM of what you would like and I will get back to you with a price.

Here are some samples of my most recent works:
http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m98 /c onnemaraproductions/?action=view&curre nt =opening.swf
http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m98 /c onnemaraproductions/?action=view&curre nt =mvstart.swf
http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m98 /c onnemaraproductions/?action=view&curre nt =fghfghfghfgh.gif
http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m98 /c onnemaraproductions/?action=view&curre nt =background2.gif
http://s102.photobucket.com/albums/m98 /c onnemaraproductions/?action=view&curre nt =flashcashlogov2.jpg



post if you have any questions

A new site!! Win money!! $$

2007-08-20 23:16:52 by connemaraproductions

Hey everybody! Thats right...we're making a new site! The best part is that you can win money! Its a lot like Play Flash Win Cash except its going to have a lot of extras, a shop to buy flash tutorials and other stuff, achievements like xbox live and much more.

So, if you want to help the cause it'd be a real help if we could get some donations! Either go to www.CPanimation.com and click on our advertisements to get us money, no charge to you, or donate to our paypal account. Our paypal email is party720@aol.com

So far I have donated 45 dollars for the cause and before we open the site are hoping to collect 400 dollars to start. Every penny counts!

All money donated will be used to pay users and to get a new website domain.

Thanks to anybody who helps and when the website gets started up we'll have a "thank you" page that will have everyone who donated to us on it with a link to their website if given.

So far I have donated 45 of my own dollars to the cause. 355 more to go!

I am also offering to do jobs for money. If you need any animation work or photoshop work done, PM me and I will do it for a small fee to help our site.

If you havn't seen it check out my seriesLearn Your Lesson. This collab is based off of my series theme.

WHATS THIS COLLAB ABOUT? in this collab you will be making a short animation (no longer than 30 seconds) featuring a life lesson.

EXAMPLES PLEASE? your parents always say look both ways before crossing the street....you could have a kid looking both ways before crossing the street and than he gets hit by a falling plane. The object of the collab is to have a real lesson with a twist.

Rules? No racism, no ocks, clocks, glocks, etc, no nudity, you cannot do a lesson already done in the Learn Your Lesson series.

SPECS? 550x400 stage size, white background(but draw your own)

WHO GETS IN? anybody can try out. When you are finished send me .fla and when I feel their are enough parts I will post so on here.

ANYTHING ELSE? at the end of your animation please fade in what lesson you are doing. Ex: if you are doing Don't Smoke....fade in the text Don't smoke at the end of your animation.

Please DO NOT take a part if you will not finish!!

If you have any other questions please PM me

Learn Your Lesson?!

2007-08-06 11:40:14 by connemaraproductions

Hey guys! If you don't already know I have a series called Learn Your Lesson. I just wanted to know what people thought about it and if it deserves to become a series. Also If you have any ideas for future episodes i'd be willing to think about any reasonable ideas.

Here are links to all episodes out so far:






Hey all! My collab has some open spots and we need more people in it. Check it out here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/70 2470/1

Heres the idea:

Noone seems to know the rules so we'll make them learn!!

WHAT DO WE DO: make a 10 to 30 second animation on one of the newgrounds rule provided below.

1) using racist, sexist, homophobic or hateful language.
2)Linking to viruses, referral sites, or maliciously coded websites, either in your signature or in your post.
3)Discussing illegal activities - including, but not limited to: ROMs, cracks, warez and hacking.
4)Posting with an alt whilst banned, or your main account while an alt is banned. Both accounts may be deleted.
5)Impersonating Administrators, Moderators, or Newgrounds Regulars.
6)Bumping any old topic without a good reason and new information.
7)Remaking, or complaining about, a locked or deleted thread by creating a new thread.
8)Chasing / harassing / flaming other users, regardless of who instigated it.
9)ALL CAPS posting.
10)Repeatedly advertising your website.
11)Making 'Hi, I'm new', 'I'm back', or 'I'm leaving NG' threads without significant content pertinent to your situation.
12)Posting 'Use the search', 'Use Google' or similar without providing relevant links.
13)Recreating a thread that has been created recently. Use the search bar before hitting 'New Topic'.
14)Backseat modding: pointing out what needs to be deleted, banned, locked, destroyed.
15)Linking to pornographic (including cartoon porn) or NSFW material without a clear warning.
16)Instigating or discussing malicious attacks on other websites
17)Making multiple short posts (five words or less) over a short time period.
18)Attempting to smartass your way round these rules.

19)Please use proper punctuation and grammer
20)Read, re-read, and respect these rules

These are 20 rules I think need to be adressed.

HOW MANY PARTS ARE THERE: 23: each rule(20), a main menu, credits, and an opening scene You may have more than one part but no more than three.

frame speed: 24fps
background default: white
stage size:550 x 400

Please do NOT join if you will NOT finish your part!

These are all rules that are usually broken and people will not take the time to read the rules!!!

So I decided that a collab is the best way to get people to understand.

Please do NOT break any of these rules in the making of your movie. (censor pornographic material and bleep out racist stuff)

The parts are first come first serve so get them while you still can.

The due date will be made aftermost parts are filled

If you are interested or have any questions either reply to this post or email me at rob@cpanimation.com