Entry #9

I will make you free simple animations with your scripts!!

2007-10-17 19:29:12 by connemaraproductions

Hey guys...i've been running out of ideas lately... so, I am willing to make people short animations with their scripts. I will only make ones that I think are funny and won't take too much work...after i finish a handful of them I will submit them and every writer will have their name in the credits plus their custom made animation :D

any takers PM me!


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2007-10-17 19:31:55

I am a taker! I have a few ideas up my sleeves. * Opens sleeves and ideas pour out *


2007-10-17 19:45:21

i have plenty of ideas. PM me if your actually going to accept my so-so humourous offer. i may suffer from a mental disease but it doesn't mean i like reality and imagination

connemaraproductions responds:

PM me a script


2007-10-17 20:20:47

I am currently makeing a TV commerical in my film class.

If you can wait until next week or so, it would be cool to have a (VERY SHORT) animated segment in it.


2007-10-17 21:44:12

hit it up
the filming company i was writing for recently broke up so i have a comedy plan that could make a helluva a flash
if your interested, send a message. ill send you some pieces.

also, its not perfected, so plently of room for add ins and originality on your part (intended in making)


2008-06-01 12:30:37

make scripts about horses and dope